Trivia Night at Kate's

By Kate Delbridge

I’m hosting a Girls’ Night In to help all Victorian women affected by cancer


 I’d love to invite you to my 2023 Girls’ Night In fundraising event. If you attended or donated last year, you contributed to the $5,497 that the event raised, go you!

Each year 6,000 Victorian women are diagnosed with breast or gynaecological cancers.  The good news is that the rate of women dying from cancer is declining - the rate has been consistently decreasing by 1.5% per year. By supporting my event, you’ll be funding ground-breaking cancer research, prevention programs and support services that offer a helping hand to all Victorian women affected by cancer. 

Come along and enjoy a night of eating, drinking, chatting and trying your hardest to win one of the trivia quiz prizes.  There will also be fabulous raffle prizes and spot prizes. Everyone who donates will receive a thankyou bag that I’ve curated - no one will go home empty handed! 

You can donate in a few ways:

- Right now, via the Donate button to the right

- use your phone to access my fundraising page on the night (I've made my own QR code - omg I know right?!)

- Cash on the night 

Be sure to purchase raffle tickets when you arrive – there will be some ace prizes! And if you’d like to bring along a bottle / plate to share that would be lovely.

The event is at my place (text me if you need the address) on Friday 6 October from 7pm. Please RSVP to 0421 634 885 by Friday  29 September.

I hope you can make it!


Kate xo

Thank you to my supporters!


Amanda Perrottet

Thanks Kate for organising this again for 2023. Always a great night & for a great cause. Very sorry to have missed it this year!


Susan Wright

Fabulous work, Kate. Mum and aunt survivors. Was sorry to miss a great night. Next year…


Ranee Cornell




R Xx

So much fun!


Natalie Stone

Brilliant, inspiration you are Kate for all you put into a great girls night! Thanks for hosting us all


Kate Gullan


Lisa Glomberg



Thanks for hosting a great night Kate


Anna Leyden


Nicole Kelehet

You’re awesome. Thanks for another fab night


Holly Tolliday


Gemma Anderson

Great job Kate! Thank you for all your hard work.


Mandy F


Kelley Graydon


Angus Griggs


Anastasia Narkiewicz

Fantastic wonderful incredible person you are and effort you go to with everything you do to support - but esp this! Hope to see you. xx


Kellie Brearley

Kate you are amazing. You create such a warm and welcoming evening for everyone each year. Your contribution to such an important cause is truly impressive!


Isabelle Broadbent




Kate Richardson

Thank you for all you do for this cause Kate, you are truely amazing!


Lisa Glomberg

This is such a great initiative Kate - thank you for the wonderful work you do for this every year! Xx


Greta Gerwig


Betty Genovezos


Olivia Cochrane

Well done, Kate! An interstellar effort for an incredible cause.


Zeta Hamilton-durkin

long live les femmes avec their booba-loobas ♡


Mick Corcoran



Shout out to Maxwell Griggs for drawing attention to this. Good luck with the fundraiser, you're doing great work ❤️


Julie Kirk

So sorry can’t be there - you do an AMAZING job!!


Alex Rynne



You're amazing Kate. Thank you for doing what you do.


Dani Tomlin

Looking forward to a great night and supporting the fabulous work you do every year to raise funds for such a worthy cause.


Fiona Brown


Maxwell Griggs

Good on ya Delbo


Matt Devine

Great work Kate



You’re a star Kate 🩷


Kelly Bullen

So sorry to miss such a fun night this year. Thank you for all you do to raise money for this cause 💗


Catherine Lucas

Excellent effort as always Kate! Aside from creating such a beautiful evening for everyone, your fundraising effort is outstanding. Go you!! Xxx


Neil Murray

For my wife and her sister who are both survivors. Love your work.


Mary Boukouvalas

Well done Kate!!! You’re amazing! M.x


Sash Borizovski

Have a great night :)


Lianne Low



Hi Kate have a lovely evening!


Amanda Orgill

Kate, Thank you for all you do for this worthwhile cause. X


Sheena Appleyard

Thank you for all your hard work raising funds for this very important cause again this year, Kate!


Sandra Bridekirk

One day I will get there for the party - because I know it will be amazing. Until then, good luck on the night and I really admire the fantastic work you do. X


Joyce Chan


April T

You’re a champion to be organising this every year and the amazing effort you put in.


Simon Wong


Lina Tallarida




Megan Hobson


Susan Vaughan


Clare Moio



Anne Best

A fun night for a great cause


Gill Hunt

Have a wonderful night. I admire your commitment to this important cause. Xx