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When we band together to support all women affected by cancer, we can make a huge difference.

Girls’ Night In will look a little different this year, but there has never been a more important time to stay connected with the girls in your life.

Depending on the Stay at Home directions applicable at the time of your girls’ night, you may be able to have a small gathering in your home, however we recommend keeping your plans flexible.

Remember to check in on the State Government’s most recent daily update at DHHS website before hosting your girls’ night.

You can pick any date that suits you. Girls' Night In normally runs throughout October, but this year, can you choose any date in Spring: September, October or November.

Here’s a few ideas for a fun and safe night with the girls. You can pick from the list below, or feel free to get creative with an idea of your own.

Trivia night

A night of Trivia will keep your guests entertained all night – you could even make it woman-themed if you’d like.

You could make it a virtual event – you would need to set up a Zoom call, prepare the questions, and ask your guests to text you their answers as you go.

Fancy dress party

This easy idea only requires you to decide on a theme and find a costume! Ask them to dress as their favourite female from history, or another theme that your friends might like.

You could always move the party to a video conferencing platform like Zoom if needed.

Movie night

Choose an all-time classic, invite your friends around for the cost of a movie ticket, and enjoy the show! Some hosts have even used a projector and had a movie night in their backyard.

If you’re not able to have guests at your house, a great alternative is a service like Netflix Party which allows multiple watchers to synchronise their streaming. Alternatively, watch the movie separately and catch up to discuss it online.

Art and craft night

The options are endless with this idea! Previous hosts have set up a canvas for each guest with a set of paint and brushes or find some tutorials online and create origami to keep it mess-free.

Depending on up-to-date guidelines around gathering in groups, you could take your craft activity outside to the park or your backyard or and maintain a suitable physical distance.

Yoga class

Whether you’re a yoga teacher or simply an accomplished yogi, why not host a yoga class? Clear out a space in your home or get your local yoga studio involved.

This activity can easily be moved onto a video conferencing platform like Zoom, plenty of people are doing their group classes online at the moment!

Dinner party

If you have a signature dish, you could invite your friends around and cook up a storm, or alternatively arrange a pot-luck dinner and ask your friends to bring a plate.

Depending on how restrictions are looking at the time of your dinner party, you could keep it within your household and invite friends to join you by Zoom, or maybe you can turn your party into a picnic and maintain a good social distance!

If you have any questions, we’re here to help – contact us on 1300 65 65 85 or girlsnightin@cancervic.org.au.


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