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When we band together to bring women’s cancers down, we can make a huge difference.

Back bigger than ever in 2023, Girls’ Night In is a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with the girls in your life for a worthy cause. 

You can hold your Girls’ Night In any time this spring, from September to November! However you're thinking of hosting your Girls' Night In this year, there are plenty of fun virtual and IRL event ideas you could organise to keep your girlfriends connected – like an online yoga session, dinner party or trivia night!

Here’s a few event ideas for a fun night with the girls. You can pick from the list below, or feel free to get creative with an idea of your own.


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Trivia night

A night of trivia will bring out the competitive streak in your friendship circle! Whip up rounds of questions covering fun facts about women who have made history. 

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Fancy dress party

This easy idea only requires you to decide on a theme and find a costume! Ask your guests to dress as their favourite barrier-breaking woman in history, or another theme that will test your op shop or online marketplace clothes-gathering skills. 

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Movie night

Dust off the popcorn machine and choose an all-time classic (Grease singalong, anyone?), you could ask for the donation of a cinema ticket price with every contribution going towards your fundraising. For a virtual movie night, there are plenty of ways to stream a movie together online – check out this helpful article.

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Art and craft night

Use your crafts skills to support Girls’ Night In! Previous hosts have set up a canvas for each guest with a set of paint and brushes or find some tutorials online and create origami to keep it mess-free. Make beautiful artworks, how about auctioning them off to raise life-saving funds? 

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Yoga class

Whether you’re a yoga teacher or simply an accomplished yogi, why not host a yoga class? Roll out the mats in the loungeroom, surely you’ve watched enough online classes to lead your own.

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Dinner party

Show off your culinary skills with a dinner party! Make it your own, with a pot luck or even a high tea. Plus, we won’t judge if you simply order in from your local restaurant. 

If you have any questions, we’re here to help – contact us on 1300 65 65 85 or girlsnightin@cancervic.org.au.

*When hosting your event, please remember to adhere to all relevant COVID-19 health and safety protocols. For more information, click here.

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