Jodie and Tracey's story

Jodie Hayes and Tracey Maguire have spent the past decade inspiring their community and raising funds for the Victoria Cancer Council.

These two sisters and formidable women have been the driving force behind a series of successful fundraising events, all aimed at supporting breast cancer research and raising awareness about the disease. 

Their journey began with a personal connection to breast cancer, as they saw friends and loved ones bravely fighting the illness.

Jodie, 51, an emergency ward clerk, and Tracey, 49, a nurse, make an incredible duo. Every year, they alternate hosting Girls’ Night In, which has grown exponentially over time, attracting over 130 women.

What started as a morning tea with 10 friends has evolved into a grand celebration of friendship, life, and hope. Now, they have plans to book a venue for their next event.  

The funds raised during their events go toward supporting critical services provided by the Cancer Council, including resources for breast cancer patients.

Jodie and Tracey's dedication is fuelled by their close friend currently battling breast cancer. Their friend's resilience and determination to live life to the fullest, despite the illness, serves as a reminder of the importance of their fundraising efforts. 

Through the years, the duo has faced their share of challenges but their ability to determination, creativity and network of supporters has played a significant role in their success.

“We had a second hand clothing store, sold candles, worked with local Aboriginal artist Lizzy Stageman, invited musicians and having better prizes brought in a lot of fun as well,” Jodie shared.  

Through word of mouth and social media, they've managed to grow their event each year, attracting more friends, friends of friends, and even strangers, all united by their passion to make a difference.

“It started off as friends of friends and you know we 10 people, 20, and then now we're up to like 130 women,” Jodie said.

When asked about advice for others interested in fundraising, Jodie suggests starting small and gradually growing the event over time. No matter the size of the gathering, it's the collective effort and support that can bring about meaningful change. 

As their next event approaches, the anticipation and excitement among their community are palpable.

Jodie and Tracey have proved that together, they can make a difference and inspire countless others to join the fight against breast cancer. 

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