Girls get together 2021

By Robyn Krawitz

Girls get together

Let’s get together for our annual GIrls night in!!
When: sun 26th Sept 
Where: Landcox Park
Let’s be grateful for good friends, good memories and good health!!

Thank you to my supporters!


Cindy Klinger

Thanks for organising Robsil. ?


Dione Brint

Thanks for organising Robs xx


Tammy Hershan


Darielle Ben-david

Thanks for organising Rob’s x


Simonne Stiglitz

Thanks for the yummy treat and great cause. Xx


Limor Rose

Thanks for organising Rob’s, love coming together every year for this cause xxx


Irit Harris

Thank you Robs. Great cause and great to get together. Hope we can do in person soon


Lauren Shafer


Tory Kraus

Thanks for organising again!!


Darren Krawitz