Girls Night In Memory

By Emma Baumann

Girls Night in Memory 💕🎀

Hello Girls,

All of a sudden we are here in Breast Cancer Awareness month. 🎀👙

This year has been unusual for many of us as we navigate Going Out and Staying In all over again. For some of us we are experiencing life without some of our significant people; for me there are two people that come to mind when I am thinking about our Girls Night In event. 

My mum’s best friend, my adopted Aunty Jennynette and Olivia Newton John. Two women who lived differently and made a difference because of their experience with cancer. 

So this year particularly I ask you to join me for Girls Night In Memory.

The usual third Thursday of October, 20th October, from 7pm at my house.

To remember Jennette or ONJ, wear something that makes a connection to either of them. It might be your Christmas earrings, your best impression of Sandra Dee, something reflective of Koala Blue or your Xanadu roller skates.

Each year, 15,700 Victorian women are diagnosed with cancer, and 6,000 of those will be a breast or gynaecological cancer. The good news is that the rate of women dying from cancer has been steadily declining over the past ten years. This is thanks to improvements in treatment, earlier detection of cancers through screening, and reductions in tobacco use.

Every dollar raised adds up, and will make a huge difference to the women in our lives affected by cancer. I’d love your support if you can continue the work Jennynette and ONJ did by donating to this life-saving cause! Here’s the link to my fundraising page. 

I hope you can join me on Thursday 20th as we remember some of the best times and are reminded to care for ourselves.



Thank you to my supporters!


Robinette Emonson


Jenny J




Mary-lu Burt

Great work again Emma! A chance to honour the memory of Jennette, and other loved ones.






Carmel Macgregor

In memory of Jennette


Judith Auld


Kristi Lambert

There are those who gunna, and those who do. Thanks for being a great doer, for being a great friend and helping fight this terrible disease.


Karen Unwin


Sam Dooley

Sam’s Side Hustle cupcake sponsorship.


Jenny Jefferson


Jean Wheatley


Leanne Watson

In memory of Jenny and ONJ ' From where I stand You are home free The planets align so rare There's promise in the air And I'm guiding you Through every turn I'll be near you I'll come anytime you call I'll catch you when you fall I'll be guiding you You have to believe we are magic Nothin' can stand in our way You have to believe we are magic Don't let your aim ever stray '



In memory of our wonderful Jennynette




Ros Martin


Sarah Baumann


Colleen Schuffelen

Wonderful way to help. Keep up the good work.


Emma Baumann