Get Your Pink On Girls Night In

By Candy Clay

I’m hosting a Girls’ Night In to help all Victorian women affected by cancer

Every year, 15,700 Victorian women are diagnosed cancer, and 6,000 of those will be breast or gynaecological cancers.

Thanks in part to generous Victorians, the good news is that the rate of women dying from cancer is declining. Throughout the last decade, the rate has been consistently decreasing by 1.5% per year. This is thanks to earlier detection of cancers through screening, reductions in tobacco use, and improvements in treatment.

I’m passionate about saving even more lives, so I'm helping Cancer Council Victoria by hosting a Girls’ Night In. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with the girls and celebrate our friendship while raising vital funds.

By supporting me, you’ll be funding ground-breaking cancer research, prevention programs and support services that offer a helping hand to all Victorian women affected by cancer.


Thank you to my supporters!


Candice Clay

Donations from Bundles and Mystery Bags


Chiara Haakman

Silent Auction - Lot 5 White Lantern


Kaycee Gardiner

Silent Auction - Lot 3 Sparkle Jars


Kate Reedy

Silent Auction - Lot 1 Carriage Lantern Silent Auction - Lot 4 Tamboti 4 Wick Large


Jess Kernaghan

Silent Auction - Lot 2


Kaycee Gardiner

Raffle tickets x 4


Caitlin Douglas

Caitlin - Raffle tickets and slippers


Greg Reedy

In Memory of my beautiful wife Michelle. ❤ Great work Candice.


Dani Walker



Shirley Clay

Good job Candy ❤️


Lisa Brierley

Raffle 2 slipper guesses


Ward Annette

4 x raffle



Good job Candy


Kate Reedy

5 x Raffle 5 x Slippers



3 x slippers 5 x raffle


Kellie Gardiner

Slippers x 5


Annette Ward


Nicole Sanderson

Major Raffle - Nicole Sanderson


Kaycee Gardiner

Kaycee Gardiner x 3 Slippers