Girls night in!

By Brittany Mcnally

I’m hosting a Girls’ Night In to help all Victorian women affected by cancer

Every year, 15,700 Victorian women are diagnosed cancer, and 6,000 of those will be breast or gynaecological cancers.

Thanks in part to generous Victorians, the good news is that the rate of women dying from cancer is declining. Throughout the last decade, the rate has been consistently decreasing by 1.5% per year. This is thanks to earlier detection of cancers through screening, reductions in tobacco use, and improvements in treatment.

I’m passionate about saving even more lives, so I'm helping Cancer Council Victoria by hosting a Girls’ Night In. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with the girls and celebrate our friendship while raising vital funds.

By supporting me, you’ll be funding ground-breaking cancer research, prevention programs and support services that offer a helping hand to all Victorian women affected by cancer.


Thank you to my supporters!


Clara Kennedy


Laura Perrett



Lauren Handreck

So proud of you my darling. Sorry I couldn’t be there on Thursday. Love you so much xoxo


Abbie Sims

Proud of you Britt 💕💕


Georgia Szetho

Smol gorl does big things



Killing it gf so proud xxx


Caitlin Okeeffe

Thanks for a fun night britt 💕 so special and a great cause x


Alex Beech



Galllls night





With a mum who has had one of the rare female cancers & A really good friend had just been through breast cancer this is a amazing cause. Thanks hun, great job xx


Nicola Chesson

Thanks For organising this great fundraiser Britt!!


Ro Benington

I’m a bit late. Well done Brit. Great cause



Excited to spend some time with my ladies and raise funds for women’s cancer!! :)


Chloe Reid

You’re amazing!! So proud of you.


Emma Hogan

Fantastic cause brit! 💜


Tim Mcnally

Great work Britt. Very proud of what you are doing.


Chris Steere

Go girl, enjoy the night


Ellen Benington


Alicia Mcpherson

Fantastic work Brit! A very special cause 💗


Nicole Elliott

Love your work Britt 💛💛


Marg Mcnally

Good on you Britt. I am so happy to support you in this fundraising event. Your passion and commitment to raising funds for this very important cause is amazing. Enjoy your girls night in.